Win RTX 3080 GPUs by taking part in Nvidia’s system latency challenge

Win RTX 3080 GPUs by taking part in Nvidia’s system latency challenge

Nowadays, it’s easy to see just how much of an impact resolutions and refresh rates have on your gaming experience, but getting a tangible feel for how latency can affect your gameplay is a little trickier. In its war on system lag, Nvidia has partnered with Kovaak’s to debut an aim training challenge that showcases how a lower latency could mean the difference between a win and loss in your FPS games. Better yet, you could bag yourself a fancy new mouse from Logitech, 360Hz gaming monitor from MSI, or even an RTX 3080 graphics card just by taking part.

Usually, the base game would cost you $10 / £10, or $15 / £14 collectively with its optional Tracking Trainer DLC, but it’ll be free from now until December 20. Both are also currently half price if you fancy using the aim trainer after the Nvidia system latency challenge comes to an end.

Although this lets everyone take part, there is a catch: you’ll need a graphics card that supports Nvidia Reflex for your scores to register on the leaderboard, such as the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1000 series and above. If you bleed red with an AMD GPU or sport a GTX 900 card or below, you’ll still be able to refine your skills, but your score won’t submit and you won’t be eligible for prizes because Reflex is needed to track everything accurately.

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