Why do video games make some people feel sick?

It rises to the top of your throat, like timelapse footage of a vine climbing a drainpipe, and sits there lightly – quietly enough that you often don’t notice it at first, until your head starts to feel hot and prickly. By that point it’s too late – the nausea has you. Whatever game you were hoping to play goes back in the library, perhaps never to be clicked on again.

It’s a familiar feeling for some – a rarity for others – and one I’ve wrestled with on and off for years, as a lover of first-person games that move at 100mph. The kind that Dave Oshry, head of New Blood Interactive, specialises in.

“Especially with our games, you move and bump around pretty fast, so it’s important to make sure we’ve got options,” he says. “We try to have as many movement, camera and accessibility options as we can.”

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