Where to collect Cog tags in Fortnite

Where to collect Cog tags in Fortnite

Want to know where to collect the Cog tags in Fortnite? The Gears of War Fortnite collaboration has arrived, and there are some challenges to go with it that unlock a Gears of War spray when complete. The first of these quests is to collect Cog tags, which all Cog soldiers wear around their necks, the same way military personnel wear dog tags.

All the Gears of War Delta-One challenges are only available for a limited time, so if you want to unlock the free spray, be sure to complete them before they disappear on December 17. The challenges must be completed in order; once you’ve found the Cog tasks, your other missions include crouching behind a wall in Fortnite, damaging an opponent with melee attacks and shotgun blasts, and finding the Trashball memorabilia.

There are a total of ten Cog tags to find in the Fortnite map, but you only need to collect three of them to finish the challenge. They’re pretty small, but easy to spot as they emit a blue glow when you’re nearby, and they show up on the minimap as exclamation points.

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