Victoria 3 will reflect the astronomical costs of war

Victoria 3 will reflect the astronomical costs of war

The final Victoria 3 dev diary on warfare is out now, and it buttons up the series of posts about the grand strategy game’s new approach to international conflict with a look at the costs of war. There are a lot of them, it turns out, and they’re substantial – in fact, based on this diary, it seems like Victoria 3 will be taking war more seriously than any of its predecessors.

One of the design pillars for warfare in Victoria 3 is that war is costly. The developers have taken that seriously, it seems: Victoria 3 models the concept of total war by making it a fundamental shift to your nation’s economy. War places new demands on your population, your industrial base, and your trade network – there’s nothing it doesn’t have some impact on in the game.

Your Army Model will determine how a big part of this works. So far, there are four of these planned for Victoria 3, ranging from the ancient peasant levy model up through the standing regular army of trained, professional soldiers. Depending on the nation you lead and the circumstances in which you find yourself, any one of these might be the correct fit.

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