Tradespeople wanted in New World

Tradespeople wanted in New World

There are plenty of ways to level up in Amazon’s MMO New World. If decking yourself out in a full set of armour and setting off into the wilderness to slay enemies doesn’t appeal to you today, why not go foraging and put together a tasty picnic for your allies to take with them when they head out to war? Or spend a few hours chopping wood and handcrafting artisanal furniture for your house?

You can, theoretically, reach level 60 without even harming another creature – though you might have to ask someone else to collect the meat for your stew. As you level up your gathering, refining, and crafting skills, you gain access to higher recipe tiers to make better items. These skills take a long time to maximise, so master-level jewelcrafters or weaponsmiths are in great demand.

Even if you don’t plan to dedicate your New World career to perfecting a trade skill, it’s still worth taking a short detour to mine an iron vein or chop some trees, as you gain experience alongside a bounty of resources you can refine, sell, or hand in at the town board.

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