This is why turning down graphic settings in Battlefield 2042 doesn’t do much – report

One of the more consistent complaints about the PC version of Battlefield 2042 is how its performance varies greatly from one spot to another. But the main reason why this is driving many players up the wall is that turning down the game’s visuals doesn’t really help as much as you think it should.

This state has driven players to dig through the game’s ini files in search of any hidden settings that can be turned on/off for a boost, given that the few available through the in-game menu don’t do the trick. But the cause of this issue was never adequately explored – until today.

PC hardware channel Hardware Unboxed posted a video that benchmarks a large number of Intel and AMD CPUs across the most common resolutions, and in real-world multiplayer scenarios. The report offers an interesting insight into how Battlefield 2042 utilises PC hardware – including when it becomes CPU-bottlenecked – which explains why turning down visual settings doesn’t do much to boost framerate.

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