The PCGamesN Game of the Year 2021: our top ten picks

The PCGamesN Game of the Year 2021: our top ten picks

Third time’s the charm, right? 2020 didn’t exactly pan out all that well for the world, 2021 has gone much the same way, so 2022 has surely got to be the year we get things back on track as a species.

Thankfully, we’ve had videogames to steer us through the hard times, and while there have been duds – and we mean duds – many more releases have raised the quality bar for their respective genres. We’ve had one of the best couch co-op games of all time, a card game that defies description, a new peak for MMO storytelling, and finally, a good videogame adaptation of Groundhog Day. And to think, Elden Ring, Dying Light 2, and Total War: Warhammer 3 were all originally slated for 2021, too.

Before we dig into the picks, let’s go over the methodology behind our selection. Every PCGamesN staffer had free reign to select their favourite five games of the year. Their top pick got five points, second place four points, and so on. We tallied up the points for all of the submitted games (sorry, Riders Republic, I really tried), logged it in a spreadsheet, added some pointless formulae for style points, and emerged with a very clear winner – followed by nine games that are also really good. So what you’re about to read is a list of the best PC games of 2021, as determined by mince pie-fuelled mathematics.

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