The best Warhammer games – Warhammer 40K and Fantasy

The best Warhammer games – Warhammer 40K and Fantasy

Games Workshop has a complicated history with licensed Warhammer games. The company has been quite reserved about it in the past – even despite some very high-profile successes in the early days – but even when it finally started to open the gates more generally it took a while for the quality to match the demand.

Thankfully, things are getting better, and as things get better more Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 games are starting to appear that are worth checking out if you’re fans of either of Games Workshops’ iconic tabletop settings.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a round-up our top picks of games from fantasy land, as well as the grim darkness of the far future. We were going to keep it 50/50 but to be honest there are far less fantasy games than 40k games, and far more mediocre choices at that. We’ve also not strictly speaking gone for the ‘best of the best’, although most of these options are considered pretty good; we’ve chosen notable titles that are worth highlighting for more specific reasons as well.

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