The best Battlefield 2042 PBX-45 loadout

The best Battlefield 2042 PBX-45 loadout

Looking for the best Battlefield 2042 PBX-45 loadout? The PBX-45 is the first SMG available in the game, and it’s an excellent choice for players who prefer a more aggressive playstyle, seeking out short and mid-range engagements.

In comparison to the powerful PP-29, the PBX-45 has a higher handling rating and a faster rate of fire, though its range isn’t quite as potent. The PBX-45’s range is still good, and it’s easy to manage the weapon’s recoil, though there’s some horizontal recoil at mid range to be aware of – fortunately, with the right attachments, you can reduce this significantly.

You can swap attachments on your Battlefield 2042 weapons mid-match, which is particularly helpful for the PBX-45 as you move between short and mid-range fights. For example, before entering a building, you should swap to the Close Combat magazine for improved fire rate and reload speed. It’s also useful to experiment with different sights to suit your situation and positioning as you figure out your personal preference. Here’s the best Battlefield 2042 PBX-45 loadout and attachments.

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