Slone has made a name for herself by being the ruthless leader of the IO

Slone has made a name for herself by being the ruthless leader of the IO–or at least the highest-ranking member we’ve met so far. Her ruthlessness is not in question, anyway. She first appeared in Chapter 2, Season 7, and recruited loopers (players) in fighting back against the invasion of The Last Reality. But she would later betray them when she left loopers to die in the blast zone of the bomb they helped sneak onboard the alien Mothership. Her betrayal didn’t go entirely to plan though, as the cubes awakened and took over Apollo, saving some loopers, but leading to the Chapter 2 finale.

Slone’s history is hinted at throughout Fortnite, including an unlockable loading screen that depicts the lifelong training she underwent in v bucks generator order to get her to where she is today. While we don’t yet know whether she answers to anyone higher than herself, we do know she looks to remain pivotal in the Fortnite storyline for a long time to come, as she is directly tangled up in the web of intrigue that surrounds The Seven and the Imagined Order.

1. John Jones

As goes Jonesy, so goes the entire Fortnite storyline.
As goes Jonesy, so goes the entire Fortnite storyline.

John Jones AKA Agent Jones AKA, most famously, Jonesy, is the protagonist of Fortnite. It’s through his eyes and Troy Baker-voiced words that we experience much of the Fortnite story. Jones was a member of the Imagined Order who was sent to repair the Zero v bucks generator Point in Chapter 2, and to that end, he recruited many of the omniverse’s greatest hunters to help protect it, such as Ellen Ripley, Sarah Connor, and The Mandalorian. When he was unable to protect it, Jones defied his IO commands and contacted The Seven in the desperate hope that they might save reality. The IO wasn’t ready to do such a thing as it would re-ignite the struggle between the two sides, so Jones ditched them for what he saw as the greater good. With The Foundation’s help, Jones was able to protect the Zero Point, at least for a while.

Throughout Fortnite, we’ve seen Jones reappear as various “snapshots,” or alternate versions of himself. When players loop back onto the island and v bucks generator fight for or against the Zero Point, (the in-universe justification for rounds of battle royale), they can often come back changed. The many faces that Jonesy wears are thus alternate versions of the same hero, whether he’s dressed like a cabbie, a cow, or like Tom Hanks in Cast Away. Jones is caught squarely in the middle of the feud between the IO and The Seven, and his story is not nearly complete just yet. In all likelihood, Jones will remain at the heart of everything Fortnite for years to come–no matter how he’s dressed.


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