RimWorld multiplayer – a quick guide

RimWorld multiplayer – a quick guide

RimWorld is one of the ‘original’ steam early access darlings, an excellent survival city builder game that drops you on the frontiers of known space and expects you to scrape a living surrounded by deadly mechs, weird aliens, and weirdos who most of the time want to kill you.

It’s a modern successor to something like Dwarf Fortress, an excellent management strategy game, and a wholly solo affair as far as the original design is concerned… but that’s not stopped people wanting to play RimWorld in multiplayer. If you’re having fun keeping your rag-tag band of misfits alive in a hostile world, imagine how much fun you can have doing it with friends.

RimWorld spent five years in early access, and since its full release in 2018 has had two major patches and a premium expansion called ‘Royalty’, but no ‘official’ multiplayer support. What developer Ludeon has done, though, is make modding the game especially easier and it’s to the RimWorld mods community we turn to get that multi-person frontier experience we’re all craving.

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