Popular sandbox game Myth of Empires has been hit by a DMCA takedown

Popular sandbox game Myth of Empires has been hit by a DMCA takedown

Myth of Empires, a strategy sandbox game that recently rocketed to popularity on Steam, has been delisted from Valve’s storefront following a DMCA takedown claim by the studio behind Ark: Survival Evolve. Ark’s developers say Myth of Empires uses code copied from Ark, and Myth of Empires’ developer, Chinese studio Angela Game, has vehemently denied the accusation.

Myth of Empires is currently unavailable on Steam, following a DMCA takedown request filed by Studio Wildcard December 1. In the request, Studio Wildcard says Myth of Empires appears to use source code copied from Ark: Survival Evolved. Studio Wildcard, the complaint says, “became understandably concerned” about potential copyright infringement in November, when it noticed “large-scale similarities between Ark: Survival Evolved and Myth of Empires.”

PCGamesN has obtained a copy of the DMCA takedown request. “This similarity extended to features that could not be explained through independent development, such as the use of identical gameplay mechanics not found in other games,” it reads. The studio says its analysis of the headers for the two games’ executable files revealed “hundreds of matching ‘class,’ ‘variable,’ and ‘function’ names.”

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