Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 8 Bundle and Black Friday Deals

The Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals are officially here, and the opportunities to save on games and consoles have among the best we've ever seen. If you're hoping to pick up a Switch OLED for Black Friday, that's pretty much the only low point, as there just haven't been many chances so far. There was a bundled deal at GameStop, but it sold out fast.

Black Friday Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Bundle

The Black Friday Nintendo Switch bundle includes the Switch V2 console, a code for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and a code for 3-months of Nintendo Switch Online, all for $299. Maybe unsurprisingly, this deal is pretty popular and retailers keep going in and out of stock, but you can grab it right now at Amazon if you're quick enough.

Black Friday Ring Fit Adventure Deal

This remains one of the best Nintendo Switch deals of Black Friday. I can't think of a time when Ring Fit has ever been discounted. For a while there, you couldn't even find it. But right now, Ring Fit is marked down to $54.99.

Best Black Friday Nintendo Switch Game Deals

Black Friday has already seen some incredible, dare I say historic?, deals on Nintendo games. Anyone who follows Nintendo's first-party offerings knows deals on games are "OK" at best. However, yesterday we saw Amazon and GameStop offering Nintendo Switch game deals for a mere $27. This fever-dream of a sale was not long for this world, and the deals have settled down to their Black Friday advertised levels. It was great while it lasted, but there's still plenty of ways to save on Nintendo Switch for Black Friday.

Best Black Friday Nintendo Deals at Amazon

Bravely Default II, one of the most charming Nintendo Switch games of 2021, is down to its lowest price, ever, at Amazon.

Black Friday Nintendo Deals at Walmart

Black Friday Nintendo Deals at GameStop

Black Friday eShop Deals

Black Friday Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Deal

This is one of the coolest toys Nintendo has every built, you can save 40% off Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit's MSRP. You can also now play two-player split-screen, so you don't need two switches to race against your family and friends.

Will Nintendo Switch OLED be Available on Black Friday?

If you're looking for where to buy Nintendo Switch OLED for Black Friday… I wish you nothing but the best of luck. While we saw a restock of PS5 and Xbox for Black Friday at Walmart, and a surprise Black Friday PS5 drop at Amazon, we haven't seen a single retailer offering the Switch OLED yet.

When Do Nintendo Black Friday Deals Begin?

Nintendo's Black Friday sales officially kicked off on Sunday, November 21, with Walmart Nintendo Black Friday deals starting on November 22 with early access for Walmart+ members.

Will the $27 Nintendo Switch Deals Come Back?

GameStop, and then Amazon, were selling some of the best Nintendo Switch games of all time for just $26.99, and the prices lasted for quite a while. I wouldn't be surprised to see the return of the best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal once we actually hit Black Friday, but for now, the games are listed at their regular sale prices.

Black Friday Nintendo Switch OLED Bundle (SOLD OUT)

All the Best Black Friday Deals and Sales

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