MSI’s Evangelion gaming PC collection is fan service done right

MSI’s Evangelion gaming PC collection is fan service done right

Last year, we were treated to a mockup of an MSI monitor with a Neon Genesis Evangelion twist, and it left us ravenous for a complete EVA Unit-01 themed setup. While MSI has confirmed it has no plans to release the display, the company did unveil a collection of limited-edition components based on the iconic ’90s anime, meaning you can now tell Shinji to get in your fucking PC case.

Dubbed the MSI x Evangelion e:Project Edition, the range includes a motherboard, AIO cooler, case, and power supply. If you’re a fan of anime, you’ll instantly recognise these purple-clad parts, as their aesthetic matches the main protagonist’s biomech. Yet, the collection’s attention to detail extends past colour schemes, as its mobo even has numerical references printed on its PCB and CPU socket protector.

Of course, the real star of the show is the Evangelion e:Project’s case, which rounds everything off with a gorgeous Unit 01 side panel illustration. While the collection’s attention to detail makes the entire package somewhat niche, its overall design is surprisingly subtle, meaning you don’t have to be an anime nerd to appreciate the effort that has gone into the project.

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