Minecraft The End: how to find an End Portal

Minecraft The End: how to find an End Portal

Trying to find an End Portal in Minecraft? If you want to travel to The End, then there’s only one means of transport – an End Portal. Taking the leap into another dimension takes commitment, as once you dip a toe in the End Portal, there’s no backing out.

We’re sure you’ve got your reasons for visiting the End. Maybe you want to take down the fearsome Ender Dragon, maybe you need some precious resources like End Stone or Chorus, or perhaps, like us, you just like the bleak endless view of the void. Whatever your reason, you’ll need to hop into an End Portal to get there.

You can only find End Portals in the portal room of a stronghold. To find a stronghold, you need to use Eye of Enders to lead you to their location, before digging quite deep underground to find it. Once you do, you’ll find it hanging over a pool of lava. Most End Portals already have some Eyes of Ender in place, with a 10% chance of generating with an existing eye.

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