Minecraft Lush Caves – everything we know

Minecraft Lush Caves – everything we know

Digging underground in Minecraft can be a terrifying proposition for newer players. After all, there are all sorts of scary things that can appear within the dark depths. We’re pretty sure you never forgot the first time an Enderman ambushed you as you were mining for precious diamonds.

Eventually, these caves and the underground areas just became samey. There’s only so much time you can spend mining for gemstones before the call of the diverse surface biomes tempts you away from the resources below.

In the Minecraft 1.18 update, which is part two of the full Caves & Cliffs update, several new biomes will be introduced to the underground areas and perhaps the most intriguing one revealed so far has been the Lush Caves. Some of the blocks and mobs are already available as of the Minecraft 1.17 update. This rather bright biome is a welcome respite from the relentless monsters and vicious spiders that infest the rest of the underground areas. In addition to being a place to relax, it’s also home to perhaps the cutest mob introduced to Minecraft in quite some time.

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