Memetastic Halo Infinite Mister Chief cosmetic DLC out now

The Halo Twitter account announced the release of a cosmetic pack featuring the Mister Chief meme for Halo Infinite, which includes a gun charm, a new AI skin, and other ways to kit out your character with the power of memes. Truly, we’re living in a charmed future where corporations are charging us real money for memes of their own properties. At least that means there’s demand for them.

Mister Chief is a goofy bastardization of Halo’s Master Chief, a meme started by Halo boss Frank O’ Connor that paints the traditionally stoic character in a more humorous way than normal. The bundle comes with seven cosmetic items and costs 2000 credits, which works out to about $20 in actual money, though you save a little bit of money if you’re signed up for Xbox Game Pass. That’s a steep price to pay for a handful of cosmetic items, but people seem willing to pay the price to gear up and look how they want in game. And there’s certainly a bounty of aesthetic changes you can make to your character you can choose from.

Cosmetics in Halo Infinite have proven popular, especially the helmet cat ears you can buy. The game itself is pretty good, too, especially the single player campaign. And don’t forget that the Winter Contingency event is happening now and will end January 4. You don’t want to miss out on the sweet rewards that come with completing this event.

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