How to play League of Legends – a LoL beginner’s guide

How to play League of Legends – a LoL beginner’s guide

From the outside looking in, MOBAs are daunting and mighty confusing, and yet the way players go on about them makes them sound like a great deal of fun. You must be missing out on something. After all, we’re talking about some of the most popular PC games ever. It’s about time you climbed that fence: claw your way up the M of ‘MOBA’, skip across the O and the B, then slide down the slant of the A into unknown territory.

You finally made it – it’s time to give a MOBA a go. Fancy a bit of League of Legends, perhaps? Well, you really don’t want to end up like me, playing your first ever game of LoL on a professional stage, against experts in the game, and with absolutely no idea what to do at all. Trust me.

So, with help from my one-time coach from that horrible day, star caster Aaron “Medic” Chamberlain, here are five LoL tips you should follow as you head into your first terrifying game. Hopefully, you’ll become a better player if you read closely and take heed of the following advice.

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