How to manage cables – six ways to keep your gaming PC neat and tidy

How to manage cables – six ways to keep your gaming PC neat and tidy

Building your own gaming PC has never been easier, but even the best graphics card and RGB clad case can’t always save you from Reddit ridicule. The reason? Well, if your rig’s innards resemble some sort of spaghetti monster, it could spoil the build’s overall aesthetic, and its overall performance could be hampered due to poor airflow.

Implementing a cable management system inside your gaming PC might seem like a chore, but it could help you get the most of our of your rig. For starters, cleaning up your cables could prevent tasks like upgrading to the best gaming CPU from feeling like an action movie bomb disposal scene. Better still, if you want to boost fps in your favourite games, freeing up case room can help keep things cool when overclocking your CPU and GPU.

Of course, you could just cheat by packing everything behind the best gaming motherboard and jamming the side panel back on, but there are far more elegant solutions out there. Follow these six steps of cable management and your setup could look like it’s been done by a professional in no time.

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