How to get the most out of New World’s Winter Convergence Festival

How to get the most out of New World’s Winter Convergence Festival

New World’s Winter Convergence Festival has begun, bringing wholesome festivities to the isle of Aeternum, along with the expected sinister overtone. This time-limited event is running from December 16, 2021 until January 11, 2022, with various dates and times to make a note of. Playing during this time will net you some pretty impressive and funky rewards, from flashy costumes to decked-out weapons.

Alongside the items up for grabs, there are a number of new quests, opportunities to deepen your understanding of New World lore, and special events that are due to take place. With the introduction of the Winter Wanderer and his frosty minions, there is now a whole new chapter in Aeternum’s story that features grisly Ice Trolls and Frigid Folk who are here to cause mischief en masse. Fortunately, there is a lighter side to the festival, and one which you are free to embrace, where the long-suffering island residents get a glimpse at happiness and cheer.

We’ve put a quick guide together for those looking to get the most out of this season, be it through free items, quests, or uncovering the icy lore of the Winter Wanderer.

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