How gamers are forming the future of Bossa Games

How gamers are forming the future of Bossa Games

If you played any of Bossa Games’ weird and wonderful games – the likes of I Am Bread and its spiritual successor I Am Fish, and the brilliant Surgeon Simulator series – you’ve probably thought to yourself: just how did this idea get off the ground?!

Being a studio that deals primarily with what many would classify as ‘indie’ games, Bossa is always looking for new ways to discover its next game. One such tactic that has proven invaluable for the studio is the growing practice of game jams. This creative practice set the stage for a new initiative for the company – Bossa Presents. More on this later.

Jam Hot

“Game jams are very much in our blood,” says Henrique Olifiers, the studio’s co-founder. “We started jamming at the very beginnings of the studio, back in 2012 soon after we launched our first game, Monstermind. Just a year later, in 2013, the concept of regular jamming paid off, with Surgeon Simulator coming out of its prototype born at the Global game jam, where a couple of our teams took part.”

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