Horizon Forbidden West developer has put a lot of effort into making the world feel more alive

Horizon Zero Dawn‘s world was one of its best assets. Whether you were wandering around snow-capped mountains marvelling at its mechanical wonders or trekking across the plains ducking behind rocks to avoid being picked off by avian machines, the world always felt like an integral part of the role-playing experience.

It’s something the developer is eager to ensure remains in the follow-up, Horizon Forbidden West. In a new PlayStation Blog post from Guerrilla Games community lead, Bo de Vries, we’ve heard more about what the studio is doing to make the world-building in the sequel even better, and how the studio is creating a believable world in both settlements and environments.

A key factor in making the world work harmoniously comes from the development pipeline itself; per the piece, several departments (including narrative, environment artists, and quest designers) all work in unison to make the game’s various tribes look identifiable and have unique behaviours and cultures.

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