Hearts of Iron 4 supply guide – everything you need to know

Hearts of Iron 4 supply guide – everything you need to know

So, you want to know about Hearts of Iron 4 supply? The grand strategy game’s recent expansion, No Step Back, along with the free 1.11 patch brought about some significant changes to how supply and logistics work. Not all of these changes have been explained clearly either, leaving many players a bit confused.

We’re here to help clear things up and provide you with a basic primer on the new supply mechanics and how they interact with the game’s combat mechanics. It’s worth noting that there was some very clear design intent behind these changes, as game director Peter Nicholson recently intimated – just because things are going wrong, doesn’t mean the system isn’t working as intended.

We’ve drawn from a few sources to help put together this guide. FeedBackGaming’s rather ad hoc tutorial video explains things quite well, but it’s worth revisiting the relevant developer diaries as well, although it’s worth noting that many previously discussed features have changed across the supply system’s development.

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