Hearthstone Fractured in Alterac Valley card reveal – meet Brasswing

Hearthstone Fractured in Alterac Valley card reveal – meet Brasswing

The final Hearthstone card reveal season of 2021 is upon us, which means we have something special to show off. The next Hearthstone expansion takes players to the snowy landscape of Alterac Valley, a popular battleground for Horde and Alliance forces to fight against each other. Remember the mercenaries from the Forged in the Barrens expansion? They’re returning to the game as powerful Hero cards with game-changing abilities this time around.

This expansion also introduces Objectives, a new type of spell that has effects which last for three turns. These spells have the potential to turn the tide of battle when played early in a match, but you may have to sacrifice a turn’s worth of mana first. We also have a new keyword: Honorable Kill. Cards with the new keyword gain a bonus effect when they kill minions with exact damage, which leads us to our card reveal.

We’re pleased to reveal Brasswing, an epic eight-cost minion that’s exclusive to the Paladin class. Featuring a whopping nine attack and seven health, Brasswing is a dangerous threat to most minions. The text on the card reads: “At the end of your turn, deal two damage to all enemies. Honourable Kill: Restore four Health to your hero.”

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