Halo PC: everything we know

Halo PC: everything we know

Is there a new Halo on PC? It’s been a very quiet few years for fans of the Halo series on PC, with only a couple of major announcements and releases in the past decade to tide them over. Following on from Halo Wars 2 and Halo Master Chief Collection coming to PC, we now have Halo Infinite’s multiplayer, which is proving to be Xbox Game Studio’s biggest launch on Steam yet.

We didn’t end up getting the entire MCC at once, as the Halo PC games slowly trickled out. Halo: Reach was first, Combat evolved came after, and now Halo 2 is available of Steam. If you’re curious whether they’ve stood the test of time, we’ve chalked up a Halo Reach review and Halo Combat Evolved review to help you out. It’s not all remakes, though, as we’re getting some new Halo games, too. The Halo Infinite release date has come early, at least when it comes to the multiplayer component, with the single-player campaign set to land next month.

What about the state of Halo on PC right now, though? Can you play the first Halo on computer? And how many Halo games are on PC? To help you suss out the scene we’ve assembled a handy FAQ for Halo PC fans looking to get their fix of Master Chief sooner rather than later.

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