Halo Infinite Yoroi samurai armor

Halo Infinite Yoroi samurai armor

Want to know how to get the Yoroi samurai armour in Halo Infinite? Following the surprise launch of the much-anticipated FPS game, Halo Infinite’s first season, Heroes of Reach, lasts until May 2, 2022. So there’s plenty of time for you to get all of the Halo Infinite season one battle pass unlockable skins based on characters from Halo: Reach. However, 343 Industries has also tweeted about the first mini-season that begins tomorrow. It’s called ‘Fracture: Tenrai’ and features the Yoroi armour as the event’s main unlockable skin.

Previous Halo games had character customisation to make your Spartan warrior look unique, so it’s no surprise to see that Halo Infinite’s battle pass has a plethora of helmets, weapon skins, and pauldrons to make your Spartan stand out. Despite not being the first Japanese-themed armour set in Halo (the Hayabusa powered assault armour has been around since Halo 3), the Yoroi samurai armour is one of the more elaborate looking designs in the game so far.

So, if you ever wanted your Spartan warrior to have that samurai look, complete with a snazzy Kabuto helmet, then you should definitely mark in your calendars when Fracture: Tenrai goes live.

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