Halo Infinite release time – here’s when the campaign unlocks

Halo Infinite release time – here’s when the campaign unlocks

While we’ve had Halo Infinite’s multiplayer to keep us busy for close to one month, it will soon be time to play the campaign. While we know that the Halo Infinite release date is December 8, some of those who have taken the day off will likely wonder what the Halo Infinite campaign unlock time is. Thankfully, 343 Industries has provided the answer.

Halo Infinite’s campaign releases on December 8 at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm GMT. The developer has confirmed the release times on Twitter with a graph that spells out when the FPS game will unlock in various timezones, which you can find below. If you check out Halo Infinite’s Steam page, you can find a countdown timer there, too.

While you still have a few days to wait, the Halo Infinite campaign reviews have started coming in, and it’s all looking quite rosy so far. Some outlets have given it a perfect score, whereas others have given out the equivalent of an eight-out-of-ten score. Us? We landed on an eight ourselves, with Elliot Gardener calling it “a return to form for one of gaming’s greatest heroes” in his Halo Infinite review. 

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