Halo Infinite players who buy the Halo Elite Controller get a special gun charm

If you’re looking to really show off in your Halo Infinite onlien matches, and don’t feel like grinding up the battle pass, there’s an exclusive charm available to those who own an Halo Elite Series 2 controller. The charm is a tiny replica of the controller, which can be attached to the side of your guns in online games.

For those who go ahead and buy one of these controllers, you’ll also be given a code that can be redeemed on Halo Waypoint. This code will grant you the charm in game, across all versions of the game! That way, if you ever swap over from PC to Xbox consoles or visa versa, you’ll always have the little charm to bring along with you.

The downside? Well, the controller is retailing £179, or your regional equivalent making it a very expensive trinket to grab. For the record, I also checked ebay to see if anyone was selling just the code, and it seems like no one has done so. Alas, it looks like you’ll have to spend your money on an actual, physical product rather than a digital keychain for your gun.

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