Halo Infinite is getting fixes for Big Team Battle and cheating soon

Halo Infinite is getting fixes for Big Team Battle and cheating soon

343 Industries has laid out its plans to tackle some of the Halo Infinite community’s biggest bugbears. Community director Brian ‘ske7ch’ Jarrard explains in a blog post that a fix for Big Team Battle matchmaking is “nearly ready to go” and that a mid-February patch¬†is targeting¬†cheating in the FPS game.

While Big Team Battle broadly works, you may run into issues if you’re part of a larger fireteam. Players report that queuing up with your friends leads to various matchmaking errors before being booted to the lobby. Jarrard explains that the team made several stabs at fixing the issue before the break, though a “strike force” continued its efforts over the holidays and the team is now optimistic it has a fix. The update is currently in QA, though Jarrard doesn’t have an ETA on when it’ll go live just yet. However, he notes the BTB patch is “nearly ready to go”.

Jarrard has also addressed cheating within Halo Infinite. Clips of players using cheats such as wallhacks and aimbots have increased been appearing since multiplayer launched late last year. The team is working on a patch for mid-February that tackles this and “other things”, though you’ll need to wait until closer to the time for more details.

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