Halo Infinite campaign hands-on: looks like a glorified Xbox One game, plays like an absolute dream

As Halo Infinite’s early multiplayer launch has been sucking up people’s time, I’ve been getting stuck into the campaign. While the delay has surely helped it in terms of polish, those coming to this big Xbox exclusive expecting a graphical tour de force might end up a little disappointed. However, if you’re more focused on how it plays, and on the Halo series having a return to form mechanically, Infinite is looking like a must have.

To be clear right off the bat, this preview is naturally based on a not-quite-final version of Halo Infinite. Tweaks and adjustments are likely to come. Furthermore, embargo restrictions mean I can only offer impressions of a very specific slice of the game. I’m actually going to go a little further than these restrictions, however: I’m not going to talk about any story specifics at all.

At least, apart from this brief status report: after some battles in more traditional ship-bound Halo environments, the Master Chief finds himself down on the Zeta Halo, a new ring world that is this time open – meaning a map, optional side content, and even a character upgrade tree that feels like it’s fallen out of another series entirely. But what does this mean for Halo? And does it work?

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