Halo Infinite campaign gameplay – 25 minutes of side activities, so no spoilers

While the Halo Infinite multiplayer is now open to all as part of the anniversary-celebrating early access release, we’ve been spending a bit of time with a chunk of Halo not yet unleashed on the public: a near but not-quite final build of the campaign mode, which releases separately.

If you want to get a broad handle on how Halo Infinite looks in motion, you can hit the play button on the video at the top of this article or hit up the VG247 YouTube channel to enjoy around 25 minutes of gameplay, with Alex talking Dorrani through this spoiler-free extremely early-game wandering of the Zeta Halo open world.

Since the video is entirely focused on some of the side activities on offer in Halo Infinite’s early hours, you’ve got a rock-solid guarantee that you won’t bump into any nasty spoilers. Instead, you can watch Alex take on the Banished as he tries to shake the rust off his Halo skills while trying out new mechanics like the grappling hook and all-new abilities.

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