Forza Horizon 5’s Willys Jeep exploit is gone, but players are already discovering other ways to farm unlocks

Pour one out for the Willys. On November 17, the developers at Playground Games rolled out a new hotfix for Forza Horizon 5 that introduced a wealth of stability fixes, squashed a ton of bugs, and (sadly for some) addressed the exploits players has been using to gain easy Super Wheelspins.

The 1940s Willys jeep exploit saw players get loads of easy cash and rare unlocks by buying the old banger, upgrading it, then gifting it on, getting Skill Points back after getting rid of it, and repeating the whole process to farm unlocks.

In a recent hotfix, this exploit has been removed along with a few others, too (including a cheese that let you turn assists on and drive around whilst AFK in order to grind out points and earn skill points).

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