Former Activision Blizzard lead Jen Oneal was paid less than her male counterpart – report

New reports suggest that Jen Oneal, Activision Blizzard‘s former co-lead who stepped down from being head of the company after three months, was only offered pay parity with fellow (male) co-lead Mike Ybarra after she resigned from the company.

Per new reports from IGN that shine a light on some of Oneal’s internal communications, the outgoing studio head says she was offered an equal contract only after resigning from the role – not an ideal look when Activision Blizzard is currently mired in sexual harrassment and discrimination lawsuits.

“Jen and I shared with management that we wanted to be paid the same to co-lead Blizzard together,” Ybarra said in Slack message visible to Blizzard employees, a screenshot of which was shared with IGN.

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