FFXIV Endwalker trials: how to defeat every boss

FFXIV Endwalker trials: how to defeat every boss

Wondering how to beat the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker trials? Throughout the main story of Endwalker, the new Final Fantasy XIV expansion, players face multiple challenges – including trials, tricky boss fights that require careful coordination and observation.

The Endwalker expansion wraps up FFXIV’s epic story, as the Warrior of Light stands against the threat of a looming catastrophe called the ‘Final Days’. As they battle to stave off this threat, players go toe-to-toe with several key figures from the game’s legendary saga – so if you’re still making your way through the expansion, beware of spoilers for the main story below. Once you’ve made your way through the story, you’ll be able to unlock extreme trials for Endwalker, in which you face the same bosses but with more complex fights and even better rewards.

The FFXIV expansion also introduces two new jobs – if you’re interested in wielding a giant scythe or protecting your teammates using powerful barriers, take a look at our FFXIV Reaper guide and FFXIV Sage guide. To help you get around, we’ve also got a guide to the FFXIV Endwalker Aether Currents locations. If you’re ready to test your skill, here’s how to defeat every boss and complete the FFXIV Endwalker trials.

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