Everything you need to know about Minecraft frogs

Everything you need to know about Minecraft frogs

Looking for more info on Minecraft frogs? Mojang announced the arrival of these cute little critters at Minecraft Live 2021, alongside more information about the next big Minecraft update, called The Wild update. The Wild update will be update 1.19, and follows the second part of the Caves and Cliffs update, otherwise known as the Minecraft 1.18 update.

The Wild introduces a new biome to the open world game, called the mangrove swamp. In the mangrove swamp, mangrove trees grow from propagules you can plant both in water or on land. You can chop down mangrove trees for a new type of wood, and they are a particularly distinctive shape – their roots branch out in arches into their surroundings.

Another upcoming feature in The Wild update is the addition of tiny little fireflies that hover around swamp biomes, shimmering in the dark – and occasionally becoming tasty snacks for the frogs that hop around nearby. Here’s everything we know about Minecraft frogs, including information on all the frog variants and where to find frogs in Minecraft.

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