DICE is fixing Battlefield 2042’s weapon bloom and nerfing the Hovercraft in tomorrow’s patch

For the first time since Battlefield 2042‘s shaky launch, DICE has put together a letter to players to recap what’s been done in those early days, and offer more concrete plans about what we can expect in terms of fixes and returning features over the next several weeks.

The blog post is a very long read, but we decided to break the most relevant bits into separate stories so they’re easier to digest. The big news is that Battlefield 2042’s second patch is expected tomorrow, November 25. While the full change log won’t be published until later today, we have a very good idea about some of the fixes it’s bringing.

The most interesting patch note concerns the game’s criminal random bullet deviation and weapon spread. DICE is reducing this on all weapons when zoomed in (ADS) and moving. The patch is also improving accuracy for stationary fire, and decreasing spread for tap and burst firing when pacing shots.

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