DICE forgot to add collision to some Battlefield 2042 buildings, so players are hiding in them

Of the many, many bugs and technical problems players have been coming across in Battlefield 2042 since release, one in particular may be more funny than disturbing.

Battlefield 2042 maps are massive, much bigger than even the biggest maps in the series up to that point. This was done to support 128 players, but naturally created its own side effects. For one, the maps have a lot of dead space and open areas with no cover, as players travel between capture points.

This emphasis on size has left the edges of maps less detailed, or worse. Reddit user Darktoothone discovered that for some of those areas, DICE may have even neglected to add collision boxes. This basically means that buildings are not 3D objects. In other words, players can phase through them at will as if they don’t actually exist.

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