DICE disables Proximity Sensors to fix Battlefield 2042 rubber banding, breaks other throwables

DICE may be on the right track to figure out the cause of one of the most annoying problems in Battlefield 2042 so far: intermittent rubber banding in multiplayer matches.

Yesterday, the developer disabled the Proximity Sensor throwable, believing it has something to do with the widespread rubber banding problem players have been experiencing since early access began. DICE later performed some testing, and found that removing the sensor helped with server performance, so it decided to keep it disabled as it performs more tests.

For those who missed our previous update – we have deployed a temporary fix that has improved server performance #Battlefield2042 We will continue to investigate further changes that can enable more permanent solutions 👍https://t.co/nWEL1Wzrtw pic.twitter.com/JCwPypaIT8

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