Destiny 2: The Witch Queen has just gotten a rad new trailer

We’ve got a brand new trailer for Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion The Witch Queen! This time around, we’re taken through sly Savathun’s throne world, the humongous swamp she calls home and has filled with traps and all her secrets. As Guardians, it looks as though we’ll be braving the unknown to discover everything she’s hiding, fighting through her minions as we go.

This trailer is of course paired with voiceover from Savathun herself, who taunts us with her power over her domain. To give her credit, she does try to convince us to turn around and go back home, which is a decent upgrade over the usually reception we get!

If we turn down that tempting offer, we can explore what seems to be a varied cornucopia of danger. We see of course the swampy outskirts of Savathun’s world, as well as the regal structures that make up what we can only assume to be the centre of her crib. Add to that the dark and dank caves we’ve grown to expect from the hive, and it looks like we’ve got quite the sightseeing tour ahead of us.

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