Best Places to Land in Fortnite (Updated Guide)

Keep reading if you want to know all the best places to land in fortnite as well as a few quick tips that you could find useful like how to land faster in fortnite and where the most chests are located!

There is no denying it – finding the best places to land in fortnite is key to your battle royale success.

I doubt I’m the only one who has landed in the middle of nowhere and hasn’t been able to find any loot. It’s a nightmare and by the time you do find something, it’s too late. Everyone else has already loaded up on slurp juice and sniper rifles and you’ve only just found your first gun, probably a pistol, and you just can’t compete.

On the other hand, we can all remember the first time we decided to drop in to somewhere really busy and were eliminated almost instantly. Surely there has to be a middle ground between the complete madness of the built-up areas and the total lack of loot in the not so built up bits.

Well, that’s where we come in!

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to and we would like to present you with our list of the best places to land in Fortnite.

Firstly though, I think this is a good time to offer some solid advice so that you don’t just know where the best places to land in fortnite are but you also know how to get to them and take advantage of the situation once you’ve landed.

How to Land Faster in Fortnite (And Other Tips)

Plan your trip

The general rule when landing in fortnite is to get to the ground as quickly as possible, this way you are getting to the loot before the other players and can get an early advantage.

Once you reach a certain distance from the ground your parachute will automatically open which obviously slows down your descent substantially. To avoid this happening too early make sure you aren’t flying over any high bits of the map like mountains or high buildings as these will trigger your parachute early and decrease your chances of getting that early loot.

If you plan your trip you can make sure to avoid any high bits of the map and you can also plan your descent so that by the time your glider automatically opens, you still have a little distance to go until you land – this way you are making the most of your drop time and not wasting any of it moving further forward than you need to.

You can also land over bodies of water to ensure that you are getting as close to the ground as possible before you’re forced to slow down.

Don’t want too much competition? Wait longer to drop

If you don’t like the initial madness that can happen at the beginning of a game then hang back and wait for the battle bus to fly over most of the map before you jump out. There will be fewer players the longer you leave it to jump which means more loot and fewer chances to die. Some people like to get stuck in but if you’re new this can be a good way to get to grips with the game.

Want to go somewhere far away? Pull your ‘chute nice and early

Maybe the bus is travelling towards the east but your favourite spot is all the way on the west side of the map. Well don’t worry, you can reach pretty much any spot on the map no matter where the battle bus takes you as long as you pull your ‘chute nice and early. You will descend slower but it will mean that you can always get to your favourite spot on the map and not worry about making rash decisions in places you’ve never been before.

If you’re playing in a squad then try heading to busier spots on the map

Towns and other busier parts of the map almost always offer more loot, which you’ll need a lot of if you’re working with an entire squad. Try getting good at clearing out a specific spot on the map where there is plenty of loot and then hold it for as long as you can. If you’re playing solo then you don’t need to worry so much about an abundance of loot and can head to quieter, more chilled out areas of the map and avoid too many other players.

Try landing just outside of busy areas

There are always going to be a few nutters who will head straight for the busiest and most dangerous bits of the map because that’s where all the best loot is. Try not get sucked in though, instead try landing near to the busy bits and do a bit of looting outside of the madness. Even if you don’t get an amazing weapon you can hang around and wait for the winner of the initial battle to feel safe and take advantage of this by launching a surprise attack. If you win this then you can sit back and enjoy all your lovely loot.

11 of the Best Places to Land in Fortnite

1. Trucks to the Southeast of Fatal Fields

A great place to land for some decent chests but without too many people bothering you. There is a truck at the indicated location that can have a weapon and a chest inside.

Once you have stripped the truck of any loot head to the house towards the south-east. There’s often decent loot here – you might see the odd player here but it’s never busy.

After you have cleared the house, take a turn to the west and make your way to the 2 trucks. The big one can give you a couple chests if you’re lucky!

2. Anarchy Acres Motel

This is a really chilled out spot that’s also got plenty of tasty loot –  enough to get a few people geared up making it one of the best places to land in fortnite.

When you get there try searching the buildings first, there is rarely anyone here but you may as well not take any chances. Once you’re finished with the buildings you can head outside and sometimes you’ll find the odd chest out there too.

3. Snobby Shores

Because of the location of Snobby Shores, you will rarely have much competition here which makes it a great place to start if you’re not looking for too much heat early on in a match.

Every single house can contain a few chests and other resources as well. Make sure you don’t forget to have a look in the cellars of each house too, a lot of people miss these!

On a good run you can end up leaving the area with enough loot to see you through to the end of the match.

4. Tunnel Outside of Tomato Town

A lot of people like landing in Tomato Town because it’s got some cracking loot and is never quite as busy as the more classic spots but I still wouldn’t recommend going barging in. Just as I suggested earlier try sticking to the outside of the area and keep an eye on the action in town.

At the bottom of Tomato Town (see the map) there is a staircase that will take you inside the hill and towards the town. There can be some great loot both on the staircase and in the passage itself too towards the stairs which makes this one of the best places to land in Fortnite.

From here you can either keep pushing in towards the town or you can retreat back up the stairs where you’ll have a great vantage spot over the town.

5. Junk Junction Houses

There are a couple of houses to the north of Junk Junction that often have a few chests inside. Most players tend to ignore this area so it can be a great place to land to avoid any pesky competition too early in a match.

Once you have all your loot you have a couple options – you can either head over to Anarchy Acres and grab some more loot on the way or have a cheeky look at who’s landed in Junk Junction – maybe you could take them out without them knowing you’re there like we suggested earlier!

6. Tilted Towers Pool

To get to the pool you will need to aim as if you were landing at Tilted Towers but head a little to the left. As your falling keep an eye out for a pool and head towards it.

This is a great little secluded spot where you will find all sorts of weapons, gear, and the odd chest as well. Once you’ve finished looting and gearing up you can head straight to Tilted Towers with all your gear and keep a watch for any stragglers to take out.

7. Wailing Woods Tower

North of the Wailing Woods you can find a pretty chilled out starting location. A tower filled with plenty of weapons and plenty of chests as well. They’re all situated throughout the tower itself so it’s worth checking all of the floors and the corners of each room.

Gives you a nice vantage point over the immediate area as well which can be useful as you make your next move.

8. Moisty Mire

This is a place most people don’t like to visit because of the fact you will move a lot slower when you’re in the water which is everywhere. However, this also means that the area is often pretty quiet because people don’t want to deal with the slow movement speed and so avoid it entirely.

After you land you can scout around for any chests and weapons (try the south of the area) but you can also get as much wood as you can carry by chopping down the abundance of trees in the area.

9. Haunted Hills

Some people avoid this place like the plague because it’s almost always a long jog to the circle from here but if you can be bothered making the effort, it’s one of the best places to land in fortnite.

There’s a great number of chests here and almost always no competition for them as well. Consider this place a good landing spot if you’re wanting to gear up and make it towards the end without too much drama along the way.

10. Supervillain Base

This spot is built into the western mountains and includes a supervillain base and a missile silo as well. There isn’t a huge amount of loot here (apart from a few chests littered around) but there is also rarely anyone else landing here so it makes for a pretty safe bet if you don’t want any company.

It also gives you a great vantage point over the rest of the area which will allow you to plan your next move nicely – you might even chill here for a bit if you’re a decent sniper.

11. Lonely Lodge

You can find this lodge nice and easy as it’s situated next door to Mystery Mansion, so make your way in that direction and keep your eyes peeled. There is a solid amount of chests here and plenty of wood to make use of as well without the kind of player traffic that Mystery Mansion gets right next door.

You can loot up here and watch anyone at Mystery Mansion as you plan your next move. A perfect chance to try out one of our tips from earlier on in the post!

Did you enjoy our list of the best places to land in fortnite?

If so, you can let us know via email or the comments section below! If you’ve enjoyed this post you might also find it useful to know how to cancel twitch prime and you might also be asking yourself what are my pc specs?

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