Best gaming headset 2021

Best gaming headset 2021

The best gaming headsets come in many shapes and sizes, but they should all provide excellent sound quality for immersion in-game. Getting this right can be all that’s needed to push your gaming setup to the next level and help you land those extra few Modern Warfare or Valorant frags. We’ve collected the cream of the crop so you can choose between the best high-end PC headsets and the top budget gaming headset under $100.

Sure, it’s nice to kick back with the best computer speakers when you want to relax, but choosing the right pair of cans can help you pick out footsteps around the corner like some audio-based wall-hack and transform your entire experience when you’re playing the best PC games, binging the latest TV series, or listening to music.

Our headset reviews put Razer, HyperX, SteelSeries, Sennheiser, HyperX, and more to the test, helping you figure out what the right set of cans are for the games you play. Are you an isolationist who needs a pair to block the outside world or a set that will deliver the most natural soundscape possible, regardless of leakage? Do you need the best wireless gaming headset, or is wired just fine? Do you even need a dedicated gaming headset at all? At least that last one’s easy – yes, you do.

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