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A lot of people might not realize just how important getting a good gaming chair is. Often gamers will spend hundreds if not thousands on a good setup complete with all the accessories. They will buy the best mouse, the best keyboard, the best mouse pad, and the best headset (the list goes on!) – but these could pale in comparison to the importance of a good chair. So, let’s not waste any more time, keep reading if you want to read about the best gaming chair for sale at the moment.

Why Do I Need a Gaming Chair?

When you start working at a new office, often one of the first things that will happen is you will be approached by the office manager to talk about your chair, your monitor setup, and generally the way you sit at your desk. This is because they know how dangerous it can be for your health if you have a bad setup when you’re going to be sat at your computer all day working. They don’t want to get involved in any nasty lawsuits when you’re suing them for breaking your back and giving you RSI.

Now think about all your friends that game – how many of them sit and play at their kitchen table? How many of them sit on the sofa and use their mouse on the armrest? These examples might be too specific for you but the point is that gamers sit in front of their computers often for vast portions of the day but they never seem to have the same appreciation for a good chair and a proper setup for their back and posture in general.

I can’t understate this, if you play games for hours on end on an inappropriate chair and desk, you will damage your back. Simple as that. If you’re worried about the cost just think about how much time you will be saving in later life when you don’t have to go to the doctor for your bad back pain!

What Makes a good Gaming Chair?

The best gaming chair will be a good combination of comfort, cost, and customization. It should also last you a good few years too.

Any chair should be comfortable and this is even more true for an office or gaming chair that you will possibly sit on for the majority of your day several times a week. This isn’t a technical part of the process but sometimes things that are good for you back can be fairly rigid. Take notice of this in the reviews for any chair you may buy, if it’s uncomfortable people will let you know.

Cost is always a big part of what makes anything worth buying. You shouldn’t skimp when it comes to your back health but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot either. There are plenty of categories of cost and a chair to fit every need. Work out your priorities and buy a chair to fit that’s made using the right kind of materials and don’t be swayed by big brand names, you can easily pay far too much for a chair purely because it’s branded so only go for these if you’re sure they’re worth it.

Customisation might sound a little bit weird but what I mean here is the ability to modify things like the chair’s overall height, it’s direction, wrist height etc. This is the boring stuff that will make the biggest difference for your back. There are a few rules to follow when setting up your chair and the more options for customization the better. Everyone is different and a lot of gamers will still be growing so they will need to have a chair that can be changed as their needs do.

Best Gaming Chairs

Secretlab Gaming Chairs Collection

The best gaming chairs on the market.

Price: $289 – $389 | Check it out now on the Secretlab site

The Secretlab collection is, in our opinion, the best selection of gaming chairs on the market today.

The first thing you should know is that the chairs in the Secretlab collection are very highly reviewed. You can check out the thousands of reviews on their site here and see for yourself – trust us, it’s worth checking out.

check out our video review ^

The next thing you should know is that Secretlab offers three different sized chairs within their main selection and these different sizes are designed to fit your needs depending on your size.

On the Secretlab site, this is mentioned when it says that “one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to the chair you’re sitting on. Our chairs come in different models for different sizes — try out our sizing guide to find out which chair’s the best fit for you”.

This helps to ensure you are getting the right chair for your height and weight which can be hard to get right when you are shopping across different brands.

  • Excellent comfort – designed for long hours of gaming or work
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Stylishly designed to fit in both a gaming or office setup
  • Guaranteed “no-nonsense” warranty support

Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair

Fantastic build quality and very comfortable.

Price: $339.90 | Check it out now on Amazon U.S | Check it out now on Amazon U.K

The Epic Gaming Chair is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable gaming chairs out there and it’s also got fantastic build quality so you can feel safe knowing this is an investment for the future. It’s relatively expensive when compared to the range of chairs out there but it’s true that you get what you pay for and the Epic won’t let you down. The design of the chair is inspired by the interiors of racing cars and they have focused on keeping their designs “subtle and eloquent” so you won’t have to worry about this chair looking out of place.

The chair is built around a 2.0 mm “sturdy” steel frame and they promise excellent durability and stability. The chair’s upholstery is denser than other chairs which makes it fare better than most against wear and the high-quality stitching adds to the quality and look of the chair. All of this combined with the ergonomic shape and ability to customize the chair to suit your needs makes it a great option.

    • Choice of real or faux leather
    • Premium design and materials
    • Available in a range of colors
    • Easy installation with great instructional pamphlet and video
    • 4.5 / 5 stars on Amazon

Furmax Pro Gaming Chair 

Reasonably priced and the best option for anyone on a budget

Price: $64.99 | Check it out now on Amazon U.S | Check it out now on Amazon U.K

A great chair for the price and a good start if you don’t want to pay too much for your first chair. The chair is missing some of the extra additions you get with more expensive models (side padding and extra tweaking options) but the bottom line is that it’s comfortable and solidly built.

The chair is built using a mix of faux leather and mesh material which means that it’s “breathable” and won’t get uncomfortable during those long gaming marathons. The ergonomic design and ability to customize the chair’s height means you will be looking after your back without having to remortgage the house to afford it.

    • Great quality for the price
    • Available in a range of colors
    • Easy installation
    • Tilt mechanism for extra comfort
    • 4.5 / 5 stars on Amazon

Devoko Gaming Chair

Best bang for your buck

Price: $149.99 | Check it out now on Amazon U.S | Check it out now on Amazon U.K

Another chair with great build quality that should last you, and protect your back, for years to come. The chair feels sturdy, doesn’t wobble, and is “whisper” quiet too – it barely makes any noise even when sitting down on it at first.

The reclining feature works well and you don’t have to lean back hard to get it to tilt which is a common complaint with other chairs. The design of the arms works well too – they come back with you as you lean back which means you always have support which is great when using a controller. Combine all of this with the fact it’s comfortable and you have yourself a great chair and one that could easily be priced higher than it is.

    • Ergonomic design makes the chair comfortable over long periods of time
    • Comes with a 30-day warranty
    • Additional removable headrest pillow and lumbar support
    • 4.5 / 5 stars on Amazon

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