Best CPU cooler Cyber Monday deals

Best CPU cooler Cyber Monday deals

The performance and temperature of your gaming PC go hand-in-hand, as the more you make it sweat, the slower it’ll be. Pop a decent cooler on top of one of the best gaming CPUs, however, and you’ll have a rig that’s ready to run a marathon, whether you’re crafting a top-of-the-line system or simply trying to get Halo Infinite to run at more than 60fps. Thankfully, while keeping things frosty can be pricey, there are plenty of CPU cooler deals to be found this Cyber Monday.

You have two core options when it comes to picking up a new CPU cooler. The traditional path is to go for an air cooler, which uses a large metal heatsink and fan to disperse heat. Some prefer the best AIO coolers, which run liquid through a closed-loop to keep things cool. These are much easier to install than a custom water-cooling build, and are far flashier than air cooling.

Whatever you opt for, you’ll likely need to pair your cooling solution with a good set of fans. 120mm should do the trick, fitting inside most PC cases, and Antec has vibrant RGB-clad sets currently on offer.

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