Best computer speakers 2021 – let the gaming music play

Best computer speakers 2021 – let the gaming music play

The best computer speakers aren’t intrinsic to every gaming PC setup, especially since the best gaming headsets can give you the edge in FPS games. Of course, injecting your ears with gaming sounds comes with the caveat of being tethered to a desk. And while the best wireless gaming headsets can provide you with a degree of freedom, there’s nothing quite like filling your gaming cave with high fidelity audio.

Speakers are commonplace within many of the best gaming monitors and laptops, but convenience usually comes with compromise. While integrated speaks work just fine, they often produce tinny audio and a distinct lack of clarity and definition in comparison to good quality, standalone computer speakers.

Naturally, there are a wide range of specs and price points to consider when it comes to computer speaker sets. Whether you’re looking for a cheap set of speakers, the best soundbar, a surround sound extravaganza, or you’re looking to upgrade to true audiophile sound quality, we’ve rounded up the top speakers to sit on the best gaming desk. There are even some with RGB lighting if that’s your bag.

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