Battlefield 2042’s Dozer can glitch through buildings thanks to a new exploit

Early Battlefield 2042 adopters, the ones playing since last Friday, have reported yet another thing that’s not working as intended in the game. Santiago “Dozer” Espinoza, the Specialist who carries a shield, can – with the right setup – use it to glitch through walls.

Reddit user I_W_H_B_Y_D discovered this bizarre exploit. In their video below, you can see it being replicated on a number of maps. In short, the glitch lets you clip through solid walls (including those around elevator shafts) by lowering your in-game graphics settings.

This isn’t the first time Battlefield 2042 has had trouble with Dozer’s shield. DICE actually disabled the shield altogether for a couple of days while it worked on fixing a different problem.

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