Battlefield 2042’s C5 explosives may be doing less damage stuck to vehicles

Battlefield 2042, like every Battlefield before it, includes throwable sticky explosives. In this case, they’re called the C5, no doubt a futuristic version of the popular C4. But unlike older games, DICE’s latest looks to be treating them differently.

While you can throw the C5, stick it to vehicles – and even Casper’s drone for a special delivery – the damage values look to be different depending on where the C5 is placed. Reddit user Div2691 picked up on this while trying to destroy a tank using C5 explosives.

According to their findings, and as you can see in the video below, the C5 does more damage to the tank when it explodes behind it (placed on the ground). For some reason, placing the C5 directly onto the tank causes it to deal less damage.

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