Battlefield 2042 player discovers unusual use of the proximity sensor

The proximity sensor in Battlefield 2042 has been the source of much easy XP farming, and the bane of stealthy players’ existence in equal measure. But now that DICE has nerfed it in today’s patch, players have been exploring more… creative uses.

By default, the proximity sensor acts like a grenade. You throw it down, or up, and it lands and spots enemies in a certain radius, visible for all teammates on the minimap. Every time an enemy your sensor spots gets killed, you get points.

But what if you could actually ignore its intel-gathering properties and treat it as just another physical object? Here’s Reddit user xFinman doing very much that: using the proximity sensor as a grappling point. By throwing it up in the air and grappling onto it, they manage to quickly travel a decent height.

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