Battlefield 2042: forget C5 drones, C5 shields is where it’s at

Battlefield players are no strangers to sticking remote explosives to things and creating a makeshift, explosive battering ram of sorts. The circumstances, specifics, and objects may change – but someone will always find a way to deliver explosives in a fast and efficient manner.

Battlefield 2042, too, lets you do this. Since its release, players have been bringing back the classic C5 (C4) jeep trick, but later found other methods of delivering the explosive bundles. Specialist Casper’s drone turned out to be faster and even more deadly, if you manage to get the C5 to stick to it.

Though DICE recently made the drone louder so it doesn’t sneak up on people as easily, it’s still a popular way of sending explosives. But there’s another, more confrontational method that involves Dozer’s shield.

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