Battlefield 2024 review – I don’t have it in me to stick with Battlefield through another terrible launch

I play a lot of shooters; many of them aren’t good. I am always open to being intrigued, whether through gameplay mechanics, narrative devices, engaging systems or even a stylish look and feel.

Battlefield is my go-to multiplayer shooter, the game I fall back on whenever I’m after a specific shooter fix. It’s my comfort food in that sense, something I just can’t get from any other series. I have been waiting for the next Battlefield since it became clear DICE doesn’t have a solid idea of what it wants to do with Battlefield 5.

So here we are, at the launch of Battlefield 2042, a game I’ve been playing since its early access release. It’s not a stretch to say it was my most anticipated game of the year, but that passion has turned into misery as I struggle to turn it on every night.

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