Anno 1800 steam – is Anno 1800 on Steam?

Anno 1800 steam – is Anno 1800 on Steam?

So, you want to know about Anno 1800 Steam? Don’t we all! While the popular city-building game was available on Valve’s platform for pre-order, Ubisoft signed an exclusivity agreement with Epic Games in 2019. This means you can only purchase Anno 1800 via Ubisoft directly, or via the Epic Games Store.

There’s still some important clarifications to go over, however. The deal with Epic was signed after Anno 1800 had been made available on Steam to pre-order. As such Ubisoft kept pre-orders open on Steam right up until April 16, 2019. After that, the game was removed from sale. However anyone who did pre-order is able to play the management game using Steam without any issues. There’s an official FAQ from the time of the exclusivity announcement you can consult if you want all the particulars.

In the years since release, the Steam SKU has also received all of the same updates and DLC opportunities as the EGS and Uplay versions. Cross-platform multiplayer works as well, mainly because most Ubisoft games default to using Uplay for multiplayer anyway, regardless of store-front. This basically means the infrastructure and support is all there should Ubisoft want to start selling Anno 1800 on Steam again.

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